Plan your day and record what you do with the timesheet tool. You can even send your timesheet to your customer/manager.
Your data is stored in the localStorage of your browser, not on the web server.
Add your organisations (work, clubs, customers, etc.).
Add your groups (department, team, project team, etc.).
Add your roles and role assignments.
Add your tasks to the activities table.
Add notes for your nuggets of information.
Advertise on this website: Add your business to our directory. Sponsor this page. Contact us.
Add your projects, programmes, portfolios and operational/business as usual (BAU) activities a workstreams.
List your assets (the things you own).
Checkout our example organisation charts. Compare them to your corporate structure and investigate any differences.
List your brands.
List the services you, your group (department, team, etc.) and organisation offer. Full service management features are coming soon.
Identify things which have gone wrong as issues.
Identify things which could go wrong as risks.
Identify things which you are not certain about, and need to check as assumptions.
Identify activities which rely on other activities as dependencies.

webBRIEFCASE prices

Our October 2023 business warm-up prices (shown below) are available immediately. Please ask for a FREE estimate. Send your name, role, company name, telephone number and a brief high level description of your requirements to We record a timesheet for work done, and charge on a ¼ hourly basis.



PIM table £15+VAT/table/week Tables: Activities, calendars, calendar entries, notes, organisations, groups, people, timesheets
Non-PIM table £5+VAT/table/month
Toolkit page £25+VAT/toolkit/month
Tool/widget £5+VAT/tool/month
femaleSOCCER.netContact us

Directory entries

Bronze Directory entryFREE
Silver Directory entry£5+VAT/city+category/month
Gold Directory entry£50+VAT/county+category/month
Platinum Directory entry£250+VAT/category/month


An advertorial is an advertising article which appears on the Home Page of and remains there for a fixed duration.

Advertorial£25 + VAT / 3 days

Newsletter entries

Bronze entry£ 5+VAT/enewsletterThank you message + link at the end of the enewsletter
Silver entry£15+VAT/enewsletterMax 120x120 pixels banner in a shared area at the end of the enewsletter
Gold entry£50+VAT/enewsletterWide banner at the start of the enewsletter


Business maturity audit FREEWe'd like to get to know your business and determine how we can help.


Be exceptionally good at adminComing soon - FREE
Excel VBA Coming soon - £50
Introduction to Excel Coming soon - Business user license
Lesson plans Coming soon
webBRIEFCASE Project Management MethodologyComing soon - £250
webBRIEFCASE Consultant Coming soon - £1000


BOSCARD Business and IT Project Manager
Document Technical Author
Excel support See support
Excel template Coming soon - FREE
Menu/price list Junior Developer
Project work breakdown structure Business and IT Project Manager
Role profile FREE
User story Solution Architect

Support, staffing, consultancy


We have white label Service Desk services available, where we can operate your service desk for you. Ask for details.

Defect fix FREE
Email support FREE
Telephone supportHighest of £3.90/¼hr or role rate


Centres of Excellence (CoE) MembershipBusiness user license
Community of Practice (CoP) MembershipStandard user license (FREE)

Specific roles

Audio editing £6.60/¼hr
Automation SME £9.90/¼hrAutomate repeating tasks in Windows and Excel.
Business and IT Project Manager£12.60/¼hr
Business Adviser £12.30/¼hrAdvice on setting up and improving your business. FREE ¼hr fact finding quiz. Can help with handling a large workload effectively and efficiently.
Developer Junior £9.30/¼hrExcel VBA, JavaScript, PHP
Developer £9.60/¼hrExcel VBA, JavaScript, PHP, Other (ask)
Director Coach £15.30/¼hr
Excel Automation £9.60/¼hr
Excel Developer £9.60/¼hrProfessional worksheets, charts, pivottables, automation (Excel VBA)
Editor review £6.90/¼hrReview and comment on your content
Image editing £6.60/¼hr
IT Support Engineer £6.60/¼hrPC support, PC specification and ordering
IT Manager £12.30/¼hrCover, expert coaching.
Management Coach £12.90/¼hr
Manager £12.60/¼hre.g. for cover.
Meeting Chairperson £12.30/¼hr
Meeting Secretary £6.30/¼hr
Portfolio Manager £12.60/¼hr
Process Engineer £9.60/¼hr
Programme Manager £12.90/¼hr
PMO Analyst £3.60/¼hr
PMO Manager £12.30/¼hr
PowerBI Report Developer £9.60/¼hr
PowerPoint Presentation Author £12.30/¼hr
Project Manager £12.60/¼hr
Researcher £9.60/¼hr
Sales (Inbound) £6.30/¼hr
Sales (Outbound) £6.90/¼hr
Scrum Master £12.30/¼hr
Solution Architect £9.60/¼hr
Technical Author £9.60/¼hr
Tender Submission SME £6.90/¼hr
Trainer/teacher (assistant) £6.90/¼hr
Trainer/teacher £12.60/¼hr
Troubleshooting £12.90/¼hr
Video editing £6.90/¼hr
Voiceover Recording (Human) £3.60/¼hr

Web and Development

Websites and hosting

Business card website £12 + VAT/yearSet-up and hosting. Equates to £1 + VAT/month
Discussion group Coming soon - FREERun a discussion group on or your own website
Small business website £250 (estimate)
Online database Included in hosting packages
SME website hosting £1250 (estimate)
Enterprise website/portal Estimate required


Code snippets CSS, Excel VBA, HTML, JavaScript, PHP code snippets are available on request.
Data dictionary for your database £9.30/¼hr
Data model £9.60/¼hr
Data validation/transformation tool FREE - contact us
Domain name Depends on registrar pricing
Master data FREE if available
Dashboards, reports, KPIs (custom) £9.60/¼hr
Dashboards, reports, KPIs (webBRIEFCASE Toolkit)FREE
Table design (custom) £9.60/¼hr
Table design (webBRIEFCASE Toolkit) FREE

webBRIEFCASE Toolkits

webBRIEFCASE toolkits, tools, widgets, tables.

Business and IT Knowledgebase FREE Search this website.
Custom development £20 + VAT / hour
Defect fix FREE
Email support FREE
Your own website powered by Toolkits See: Web
Standard user license FREE Provides access to Personal Information Manager (PIM) Toolkit
Subject Matter Expert (SME) user license£12 + VAT / yearProvides access to SME Toolkits
Power user license £24 + VAT / yearProvides access to all toolkits


Some of our toolkits are in development.

Standard User License Toolkits (FREE)

Activity Management Activities, workstreams
Advertising Management Organisation categories, organisation category organisations, organisations, advertising campaigns, advertsDirectory
Approval Management Approvals
Career Management Organisations, people, personal details, roles, role responsibilities CV, personal development plan (PDP)
Change Management Requests for change (RFCs), approvals, configuration items (CIs), messages, services
Communications Management Organisations, groups, people, contact details, discussions, messages Chat
Exercise Management Exercises, exercise routines, exercise routine exercises, exercise sessions, exercise session exercises
Group Management Organisations, groups, roles, role people
Information Management Notes
Learning Management Subjects, courses, lessons Lesson plan
License Management Licences, orders, order items
Knowledge Management Notes, processes, words
Meal Management Recipes, meals
News Management News
Personal Information Management (PIM)See: Activity Management, Calendar Management, Knowledge Management
Processes Management Processes
Profile Management People, personal details, contact details, images Profile
Role Management Roles, role responsibilities Role profile
Procurement Management Organisation categories, organisation category organisations, organisations, orders, order items Order
Sports Management Leagues, divisions, matchesProfile, league table
Sprint Management Sprints, activitiesKanban
Time Management Calendars, calendar entries, timesheet entriesCalendar

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Toolkits

Asset Management Asset categories, assets
Asset Booking Management Asset categories, assets, calendars, calendar entries
Brand Management Brands, products, services
Catalogue Management Brands, products, services
Configuration Management Configuration items, services
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Organisation categories, organisations, people, orders, order items
Document Management Documents, files
Ecommerce Management Products, services, prices, orders, order items
Facilities Management Addresses, inspections
File Management Words, files
Finance Management Accounts, transactions
Fleet Management Vehicles, vehicle addresses
Hotel Management Buildings, rooms, calendars, calendar entry
Human Resources Management
Recruitment, morale, discipline
Groups, roles, role responsibilities, people, skills, acquired skills
Management Information (MI) Management Charts, reports
Master Data Management (MDM) Tables, fields, field types
On Shelf Availability (OSA) Management Organisation categories, organisations, brands, product categories, products, product variants, OSA measures
Payments Management Orders, order items, accounts, transactions Cart, order, invoice, delivery note, credit note, refund notice
Product Management Brands, product categories, products, product variants
Project Management Office (PMO) Management Workstreams, BOSCARDs, objectives, scope, constraints, assumptions, risks, assets, role_people, deliverables
Release Management Workstreams, incidents, known errors, sprints, releases, requests for change (RfCs)
Resource Management Assets, role people, calendars, calendar entries
Risk Management Risks, assumptions, issues, dependencies
Schedule Management Workstreams, activities, calendars, calendar entries, timesheet entries
Scope Management Workstreams, BOSCARDs
Scrum Management Workstreams, sprints, activities, people
Service Desk Management Events, incidents, problems, requests for change (RfCs), services, support requests, calendars, calendar entries
Service Management Events, incidents, problems, requests for change (RfCs), services, support requests, calendars, calendar entries
Shared Records Management Permissions
Stakeholder Management Organisation categories, organisations, groups, people, role people, stakeholders
Supplier Management Organisation categories, organisations, people
Timesheet Calendars, timesheet entry
Workstream Management Workstreams, BOSCARDs, objectives, scope, constraints, assumptions, groups, people, skills, acquired skills, orders, order items, accounts, transactions

Professional User License Toolkits

Agile Project Management Sprints, activities, releases
Availability Management Assets, people, Calendar entries
Business Intelligence (BI) Management
Business Plan Management Organisations, groups, role_people, brands, products, services, workstreams,
Compliance Management
Corporate Structure Management
Cost Management
Data Management
Design Management
Development Management
Enterprise Resource Planning Management
Integration Management
IT Management
ITIL Compliance Management
Portfolio Management
Programme Management
Project Management Office (PMO) Management
Project Management
Quality Management
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Management
Security Management

Site License


To follow


To follow


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