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Plan your day and record what you do with the timesheet tool. You can even send your timesheet to your customer/manager.
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Add your organisations (work, clubs, customers, etc.).
Add your groups (department, team, project team, etc.).
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Checkout the Contact Management Toolkit for access to customers, suppliers, departments, teams and people.
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Add notes for your nuggets of information.
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Add your projects, programmes, portfolios and operational/business as usual (BAU) activities a workstreams.
List your assets (the things you own).
Checkout our example organisation charts. Compare them to your corporate structure and investigate any differences.
List your brands.
List the services you, your group (department, team, etc.) and organisation offer. Full service management features are coming soon.
Identify things which have gone wrong as issues.
Identify things which could go wrong as risks.
Identify things which you are not certain about, and need to check as assumptions.
Identify activities which rely on other activities as dependencies.

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webBRIEFCASE (Web Briefcase Ltd) is a business and IT services company based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (UK). We specialise in transforming (even the most complex of) ideas into robust, supported solutions for any size of business.


You can now engage in a spoken conversation with ChatGPT


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From:BBC Breaking News

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Arrr, mateys! Talk Like a Pirate Day be a jolly annual celebration on September 19th where all ye landlubbers 'n scallywags be encouragin' to don their finest pirate attire 'n speak in the grand tongue of the high seas. So hoist the Jolly Roger, belay the serious talk, 'n let yer inner buccaneer run free for a day o' swashbucklin' fun! Arrr!

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