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Welcome to the webBRIEFCASE business and IT glossary. If you can't find the work / phrase you're looking for: search for it below, since it may be elsewhere on this site.

If you still can't find it, contact support@webBRIEFCASE.com.

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Welcome to the webBRIEFCASE business and IT glossary. If you can't find the work / phrase you're looking for: search for it below, since it may be elsewhere on this site.

If you still can't find it, contact support@webBRIEFCASE.com.

Software as a service. Software running on a (cloud) service, managed by the solution provider.

See: Service Acceptance Criteria

Safety should always be high on anyone's agenda. Look around now and spot (and fix) any potential safety hazards such as overloaded sockets, bad wiring, trip hazards, fire hazards, etc.

Sales Order Processing is the act of converting an order into a delivered product / service and transitioning into support. This includes issuing an invoice, customization, packaging, delivery, etc.

Whenever designing a solution, whether the solution is scalable should be borne in mind. Can the solution grow to accommodate more users?

Scratch is a tool designed to teach children how to develop software. See http://scratch.mit.edu/. It is particularly suited to the development of educational software and games. When a program has been developed, it can be embedded in a website using JavaScript code.

Display screen. Office divider screen. Checking of something.

Screen sharing allows one person to see what is on another person's computer screen. Sometimes, a computer can also be remotely controlled. If screen sharing is not available (it can after all, be expensive) then a simple screenshot may be an alternative.

On most computer keyboards, press the PrtScn key to copy an image of what is on the computer screen to the clibpoard. This can then be pasted into another application, e.g. e-mail / Word, etc. Use Alt+PrtScn to grab just the application window you are using.

Scrum is an agile project management / software development method. It features sprints, sprint backlog, product backlog, burndown chart, etc. See: Agile, Waterfall.

A Service Delivery Analyst will usually report to a Service Delivery Management (SDM) and will be responsible for the delivery (smooth running) of service, ensuring it is delivered within agreed SLA's. This may include reviewing incidents and facilitating their speedy resolution. Also, using problem management to ensure incidents don't recur. Using continual service improvement to initiate improvement activities.

See: Software Development Lifecyle

See: Service Delivery Manager

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of making a website more suitable for search engines crawlers. Its main objective is to improve the position of the website in results returned from searches using various key words and key phrases.

See: Search engine optimization.

When transferring a service from a project into business as usual processes, service acceptance criteria (SAC) can be used to define what products (e.g. documentation, processes, assigned roles, etc) are required.

A single point of failure is a person, process, service or product which has no resilience built in. Should that object fail, it is likely to cause a major issue. SPoFs should be avoided.

SMS = Short Messaging Service and is a standard protocol for sending and receiving text messages on mobile phones.

The software development life cycle is a process through which software development progresses as follows:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Solution design
  • Build / Development
  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Release / launch

Organisations will use different words to define each step in the SDLC process. They may also break down some of the processes into sub-processes. For example: QA could include system test, integration test, user acceptance test (UAT).

A spreadsheet application is a piece of software which allows you to record and report on information (e.g. financial data) in sheets containing rows and columns of cells.

A survey, is the collection of data from various sources (usually people). The data can be collated and analyzed, with the results used to make informed decisions.

Surveys can be used fo market research, customer satisfaction, tests & quizzes, competitions and more.

The webBRIEFCASE Survey Toolkit enables you to create and respond to surveys.

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