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A BRIEF provides a (hopefully) single page description of a work stream (project, programme, portfolio) sufficent for a stakeholder to determine and approve the purpose, scope and expected outcomes of the project.

A brief is an essential requirement of a work stream since it is an input into knowledge area plans (e.g. Time Management Plan) and can be used to avoid scope creep / leap. Any significant changes to the work stream should be registered with a project change request and a review of the brief.

The brief includes:

  • The background summary can be shown in project portfolio lists alongside the work stream name.
  • SMART (specific, measurable, agreed upon, reastlic, time-based) objectives defined what strategic corporate objectives the project aims to align with.
  • Scope inclusions and exclusions are defined to define the scope boundaries of the work streams influence. These include included and excluded: geography, groups (directorates, teams, etc), roles, systems, etc.
  • Potential restrictions and causes of failure are listed as constraints: risks, issues, dependencies, deadlines, etc.
  • Assumptions are listed, to be proven / disproven and dealt with accordingly.
  • The resources required for the work stream are identified: budget, staffing, materials, etc.
  • Deliverables include: (ITIL aligned) service model, product descriptions, packaging, etc.

webbRIEFCASE can facilitate the preparation of a robust work stream brief as follows:

  1. Initial meeting with the project sponsor with subseequent write-up.
  2. Meeting with the project sponsor, senior customer and (optionally) other customers with subsequent write-up.
  3. Meeting with the project executive (when appointed) to approve the brief.

The facilitation and documentation work is charged on an hourly basis. Contact support@webBRIEFCASE.com for more information or to order.

A webBRIEFCASE approved brief (whether prepared by you or webbRIEFCASE) is required in order for webBRIEFCASE to manage a work stream (project, programme or portfolio) for you.

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