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Introduction to team management

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Description: Our Lead Consultant has extensive experience of successfully managing departments, teams and projects using best and good practice methods and tools.

You will learn:

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  • Defining an (organisation), team profile and structure, role profiles, responsibility matrix - to ensure everyone knows would does what.

  • Defining SMART strategic objectives.

  • Actively working towards your objectives with innovation project management, KPI's, dashboards and reporting

  • Creating and managing a single prioritized activity queue with effective work queue management

  • Using agile project management sprints to ensure people keep on track

  • Establishing an internal project management office (PMO) and a very brief introduction to project management

  • Publishing your product / service catalogue

  • Managing your team as a micro-business ensuring you address your PR, communications, book-keeping, purchasing, etc

  • Identifying business as usual and operational activities

  • Providing communication channels for colleagues to raise requests, report defects, incidents, problems, enhancements / improvements, etc - and tracking these

  • Describing processes / work instructions to ensure best / good practice and lessen the impact of staff unavailability

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The course includes post-course e-mail support for one month, subject to fair use policy. 

For more information, contact support@webBRIEFCASE.com.

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