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Implement an effective and efficient corporate structure

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Description: This half day course costs just £99 + VAT, is delivered interactively over Skype and will introduce you to a standard scalable corporate structure, and describe how that structure can be managed effectively using a simple documentation checklist for each group (department, team, etc). It is based upon practical experience, not just academic theory.

After attending the course and applying what you have learned, you will be able to improve your area of your organisation, and influence others into improving theirs - to the benefit of the whole organisation. The cost benefit for attending this course is great, but may be difficult to measure effectively, since it would effect a culture change.

This course is suitable for managers with a desire to be more successful, organised and who wish to further their career. It is also suitable for small to medium business owner with a desire to make their existing organisation more effective and efficient, with expansion potential, even into global markets, and with a view to managing that expansion with reduced risk of failure.

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