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webBRIEFCASE is a World class provider of a comprehensive range of affordable off-the-shelf and tailored business and IT services, which suit organisations of all sizes: from sole traders up to global and blue chip companies.


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webBRIEFCASE can work with you to design a network to meet your current and future requirmeents, including rack mounted or free standing backbone (core local network), local area network (LAN) cabling, Internet connectivity, desk-side network switches, WiFi repeaters and network services (firewall, DNS resolution, caching proxy). 

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webBRIEFCASE can install and configure a networking device (e.g. network switch, cable, network port, etc) at your site.

A power supply network adapter allows you to create a computer network link within a room, or between rooms without the need for additional network cables since the network communications take place (safely) across the main power cables.

The only requirement is that the sockets you plug the adapters into, will need to be on the same mains power ring. They most likely are on the same ring within a room. Between rooms however, you would need to either just try it and see if it works, or ask an electrician to check for you.

Adapters are usually provided in pairs. One should be connected to the main network, and computing devices connected into the other adapter. It really is surprisingly simple to install.

We recommend the following adapter for its high speed (500Mb/s), and triple network ports - which may remove the need for an additional network switch.


See also: other powerline adapters

webBRIEFCASE can attend your office and create a map of your WiFi signal strengths at key points throughout the building, then install WiFi repeaters (extra cost) to boost the signal. The testing requires a site visit.

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