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Education and Support Services

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Brand: \webBRIEFCASE\webBRIEFCASE Education
Description: webBRIEFCASE provides World class education and support services including: service desk, knowledge bases on branded community portals, off-the-shelf courses, custom training solutions, lesson plans, etc.


| Introduction to spreadsheets with Microsoft Office Excel | Introduction to programming using Scratch | Introduction to computers | Introduction to spreadsheets with Google Sheets | Implement an effective and efficient corporate structure | Introduction to team management | Introduction to project management | Introduction to web page creation using HTML | Introduction to programming with PHP | Introduction to interactive web pages with Javascript | Introduction to web databases with MySQL |

| ITIL Audit | Computing Device Management | Service Delivery Manager | Configuration Management |

| Local Site Visit | Local Regional Site Visit | National Site Visit |

| Introduction to Microsoft Word | Introduction to Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel | Training - Moodle | Introduction to Project Management | Introduction to web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL |

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