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Information Communications Technology (ICT), Information Technology (IT) Services


Brand: \webBRIEFCASE\webBRIEFCASE ICT Services
Organisation Provider: \Web Briefcase Ltd
Description: webBRIEFCASE specialises in IT solutions including full lifecycle customer software development. IT troubleshooting and IT project, programme and portfolio management. Contact support@webBRIEFCASE.com for more information.


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| Data Validation / Transformation | Data | Data Entry | Data Provision | Data collection |

| Network Design | Networking Device Installation | WiFi Signal Testing | Power Supply Network Adapters |

| PC Specification | PC supply | PC Health Check | PC Troubleshooting |

| Report | Software Distribution | Software Maintenance - Perl | Software Directory | Software Development | Software Design | IT solution | Software Maintenance - PHP | Excel | Quote | Quality Assurance (QA) | Branded Community Portals | Estimate, Quote | Appliances | webBRIEFCASE Excel Toolkit | Applications: Tailored and off-the-shelf |

| ICT Strategy |

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