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A process defines a set of steps to follow in order to do something from making a cup of tea, to developing a website. Processes can be used to define projects.

At webBRIEFCASE, we love describing processes, and would be more than happy to put one together at your request (FREE). Contact support@webBRIEFCASE.com.

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Select the activity you wish to schedule time for. Click new calendar event and add a time to process the activity. Repeat this until you have enough time allocated for completion of the activity. Determine whether you can complete the activity within agreed service level agreement (SLA) target timescales. If you can't, you may need to adjust the timeslots to be early/closer together.

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Most organisations offer services to external and internal customers. The delivery of those services should be managed to ensure quality. Service management frameworks such as ITIL describe best practice methods.
| Improve service quality | Progress problem | Incident Management | Problem Management | Configuration Management | Request Management | Change Management | Service Level Management |

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To submit a timesheet for processing: first check that all the timesheet entries are correct. Adjust accordingly if necessary.

Click here to create a new timesheet submission. Complete the details in the form and save it.

The timesheet coordinator will periodically check for timesheets at an appropriate time, and process them once the timesheet submission is received.

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