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A process defines a set of steps to follow in order to do something from making a cup of tea, to developing a website. Processes can be used to define projects.

At webBRIEFCASE, we love describing processes, and would be more than happy to put one together at your request (FREE). Contact support@webBRIEFCASE.com.

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To cancel a meeting - write [CANCELLED] in the subject of the meeting invite. This will keep the invite in the delegates calendar as a placeholder in case the meeting is re-instated. It will also give the delegate a chance to keep the appointment marked as busy, and control over if and when to delete the appointment.

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Go to the timesheet submissions table and check on the Status field of the relevant record.

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To configure a webBRIEFCASE website.

  • Login as an administrator
  • From the website menu, select Configuration
  • Edit the records you wish to change

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We use Mindmeister for collaborative mind maps.
  1. Map out the system which has the problem.
  2. Mark using 1, 2 or 3 icons the likelihood that each element of the system is the cause of the problem.
  3. Focus on the 1's first, and analyse each element. If isn't the cause: put a tick on the element. Do this until you've checked all elements.

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A future version of the timesheet toolkit will automatically create invoices for approved timesheets.

For now, use you calendar to total the amount of work for each client, and create your own invoice.

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