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Add a formula to a spreadsheet cell


A process defines a set of steps to follow in order to do something from making a cup of tea, to developing a website. Processes can be used to define projects.

At webBRIEFCASE, we love describing processes, and would be more than happy to put one together at your request (FREE). Contact support@webBRIEFCASE.com.

Description: Click on a cell. Type =1+2 and press ENTER. The result of the formula 1+2, i.e. 3 will be shown.

Formulae are entered with the = key typed first.

To add the value or 2 cells together, type =, click on the first cell (the cell reference will be added to the formula), type + then click on the second cell. Press ENTER and the result will be shown. If there is no number in the cells you've used, 0 will be the default value for each.
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