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Build a Raspberry pi

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Raspberry pi Model-B or later
pi compatible Micro USB power supply
HDMI cable x2 if you only have one HDMI input and you are already using the input
HDMI splitter
Raspberry pi OS SD card
Powered USB Hub


Screen didn't - It may be my TV that's at fault though. Turn the pi off completely (including the USB hub). Turn the screen off for 20 seconds. Turn the screen on. Put it on the correct channel, e.g. HDMI 2. Start the pi.
Monitor wasn't recognized
pi version of minecraft doesn't work
YouTube doesn't work
Browser is rubbish

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Install apache2, mysql, php
PHP doesn't talk with MysqL

sudo apt-get install gnash
sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-gnash

This doesn't work because YouTube complains Flash is too slow.
You can't download flash from Adobe.

Acquire a memory stick
Find it under /media/PENDRIVE

PiFi doesn't work in the external hub
Ypu can run Chrome =- but doesn't expect items to work from the store.
YouTube won't work until you install Flash.
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