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£24.00 user per year
The webBRIEFCASE Website Toolkit is a content management system (CMS) which enables you to build interactive websites and business tooling solutions. Includes FREE defect fixes and upgrades. Enhancements are FREE if they will benefit the community. Low cost customization services are also available through the webBRIEFCASE Service Desk - Support service. 

£24 per user per year equates to £2 per user per month.

To set-up a webBRIEFCASE Website, e-mail support@webBRIEFCASE.com or telephone 07540 725213.

£25.00 article / 3 days
Publication of an article on webBRIEFCASE.com. Opening paragraph on webBRIEFCASE.com Home Page for minimum of 3 working days.

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