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webBRIEFCASE is a World class provider of a comprehensive range of affordable off-the-shelf and tailored business and IT services, which suit organisations of all sizes: from sole traders up to global and blue chip companies.


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&wB_action=show'> In today's busy working environment, there is often too much work for everyone. Especially with cost cutting exercises reducing head count, but not task count. Effective and efficient task management can be a matter of surivival at worst, or a means to gaining promotion at best. This TeachMeSkills short course introduces you to a new way of looking at task management by taking the most powerful aspects of time management, project management and service management processes and making them work for you.

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Learn how to define a project with a BOSCARD and project plan (timeline), manage staff, present status updates, manage risks and issues, create a budget, etc.

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Deisgn and creation of reports. Also realizing the insights and benefits.

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Microsoft Office Excel is an incredibly versatile tool. Most people will have used Excel spreadsheets, but will also wish they knew more so they could easily improve the spreadsheets they use and make them more friendly.

With the webBRIEFCASE "Introduction to Excel" course, our Excel expert will take delegates at a steady pace through the process of creating a very useful "Book Keeping" spreadsheet solution.

While creating the spreadsheet, delegates will gain valuable practical experience in all the most used features of Excel including: data entry in tables, formulas (including VLOOKUP and COUNTIF), drop-down lists, conditional formatting, styles, pivot tables and charts (for analysis), and more...

Once the course is completed, delegates will be given a certificate, and will be more than capable of creating Excel solutions for most requirements. Delegates will then be supported by the webBRIECASE Service Desk for any of those "How do I...?" questions. webBRIEFCASE is also providing a 1 year webBRIEFCASE Excel Toolkit license to each delegate. The Toolkit provides an excellent kickstart for most spreadsheet needs.

The course lasts one day and is just £125 + VAT for the first delegate, then £25 + VAT for each additional delegate up to a maximum of 5 delegates. It is delivered on-site at customer premises within 5 miles of Holmfield, Halifax. A room must be provided by the customer with sufficient PCs pre-installed with Microsoft Office Excel.

This special offer price is very likely to increase from 1st April 2016, so book now.

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HTML is the language the web. It describes that is to be shown in a web page. It is very simple to learn. This course will introduce you to HTML tags (the words it uses), and take you through some example page snippets.

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