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Each database field has a class which defines how information for the classes is accepted in an edit field, and shown.

administrator Administrator fields show a checkbox which can only be ticked / unticked by an administrator. It is used for permissions fields - such as approved.

approved The approved field is a checkbox, accessible to the administrator and to owners of the record. Only an administrator may approve a record. Record owners may unapprove a record. When a record is approved, the owners are notified.

checkbox The checkbox class shows a checkbox. When unticked, the value in the database is blank. When ticked, the value in the database is 'y'. Future versions of the checkbox will also include a value of 'n' which indicates that unchecked has been specifically selected.
colour Select a colour, e.g. for use in a page background. A colour grid is presented. Click on a colour in the grid to select it.

created The created date of a record. This is a read only value.

yes_no The "Yes / No" class presents the user with the option to select "Yes" or "No". The options are presented using radio buttons.

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