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webBRIEFCASE Software Services

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webBRIEFCASE Toolkits are off-the-shelf business solutions: applications and materials. 

  • Website Toolkit Content Management System (CMS)

  • Excel Activity Toolkit

  • Excel Timesheet Toolkit

  • Service Desk Toolkit

  • Project Management Toolkit

  • Address Book Toolkit

  • Many more to follow...

Custom Solutions

If there isn't a toolkit already available to suit your requirements, we can create it for you. We can also manage the full software development life cycle (SDLC) during the development. If the requirement is suitable for other webBRIEFCASE clients, the development is very likely to be FREE. 

Third Party Software

  • Service Desk Support - e.g. call us to ask a question about Microsoft Word / Excel.

  • Software knowledge base.

  • Community support.

  • Installation, configuration and updates. Make a request through our Service Desk.

  • Version tracking and news.

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