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webBRIEFCASE is a World class provider of a comprehensive range of affordable off-the-shelf and tailored business and IT services, which suit organisations of all sizes: from sole traders up to global and blue chip companies.


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Software including on-line applications / web services. See: Application Categories.

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Safari is the Apple standard web browser supplied by default with Macs and iOS (e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc) devices. Alternatives include Chrome and Firefox.
Record bullet \Sage
Sage is a popular finance application favored by book keepers and accountants. Sage includes a range of products for businesses of varying sizes.
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Scratch is a programming system often used by schools and colleges to teach the basics of programming. There is a fully functional web-based version of Scratch which doesn't require you to install software, and which is cross platform. It requires Flash.
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Unix-like systems (e.g. Linux) include a shell scripting facility.
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Skype is a popular telephone, video and text communications tool owned by Microsoft. 
Record bullet \Safer-Networking Ltd
SpyBot can identify and remove Malware. Of course, it's better to avoid the malware in the first place.

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