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Activity Types

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The activity type can be used to determine which process(es) to follow to resolve the activity.

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Account Management
An accountability, is an activity which a person in a role is ultimately response for. The person needs to ensure that the activity is completed on time, in full and in good order (OTIFIGO). Accountability can be assigned while defining a role profile and a responsibility matrix: RACI.

An activity that doesn't fall under another type/category.
Administrative activities such as timesheet management, activity prioritization (not just for one project), etc.
Annual Leave
Asset Management
Availability Management
Description of a work stream (project, programme, portfolio, operational work stream, etc.)
Backlog Grooming
Book Keeping
Morning, lunch or afternoon break.
Morning, lunch or afternoon break.
Candidate Sourcing
Change Management
Communication Management
Management of a complaint.
Complaint Management
Management of a compliment. It may be that the target of the compliment, account be rewarded.
Compliment Management
What can cause an activity to not be delivered on time, in full or in good order? Financial constraints, resource constraints, compliance constraints, etc.
Copy Writing

to of 140 records, with per page

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